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an insignia used by the medical profession

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ALLSTAR is studying a population similar to the one in CADUCEUS (30-90 days post-MI), but the study included patients that were 91 - 365 days post-MI to see if the indication window could be extended.
The olive branch and the caduceus came together in Amsterdam in the seventeenth century to yield an abundance of magnificent paintings.
At his Jerome tasting room, housed in a 1901 hotel, try the 2013 Caduceus "Nagual del Marzo," an Italian-leaning Sangiovese-based blend; if you're a hardcore fan, nab an autographed bottle of 2013 "Kitsune," 100 percent Sangiovese.
At first glance, Suspiria's caduceus also supports Mitchell's related narrative of Romantic revolution: Hogarth's aesthetic essentially privileged classical order, balance, and unity, a "unity subverted" minimally "by implications .
However, Mercury's caduceus, symbolic of peace, is represented on an enamelled fan holder, and festive pendant bunches of emerald and amethyst grapes allude to Bacchus, god of wine and conviviality.
Previously, Dr Chang was the chairperson and senior managing director of Caduceus Asia Partners at OrbiMed Advisors LLC, worked in several senior positions at Centocor, a division of Johnson and Johnson, an associate professor at Baylor College of Medicine and was part of the Roche Institute of Molecular Biology.
Pat Hughes, trainer of Prince Of Forwards "We won this race last year with Caduceus but Prince Of Forwards is tricky and tends to run only one good race a year.
It's often confused with the caduceus, or rod of Mercury, the messenger, which has two snakes facing each other and a pair of wings.
make that first braid of the caduceus, I gave up the deployment, the
In the CADUCEUS (Cardiosphere-Derived Autologous Stem Cells to Reverse Ventricular Dysfunction) study, Dr.
The Caduceus trial studied 25 patients, with an average age of 53, who had suffered a heart attack in the previous month.
The clinical trial, named CADUCEUS (CArdiosphere-Derived aUtologous stem CElls to Reverse ventricUlar dySfunction), was part of a Phase I investigative study approved by the U.
Healthcare information has been very hard to convert mainly because of the sheer number of practitioners around the globe diarizing in their hand," explains Derrick Gidden, president of Caduceus Software Systems Corp.
Transportation Command (TRANSCOM) participated in National Level Exercise (NLE) 2011--a White House-directed, Congressionally mandated exercise to test the Government's response to catastrophic earthquakes--by holding Turbo Challenge 2011 and Ultimate Caduceus 2011.
Software company, Caduceus Software Systems Corp (OTCBB:CSOC) revealed on Wednesday that it has been actively seeking routes to financially support its operations and provide working capital.