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Synonyms for cadge

Synonyms for cadge

to ask or ask for as charity

Synonyms for cadge

ask for and get free

obtain or seek to obtain by cadging or wheedling

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I can't attend more than one, unless I can cadge a lift on a plane, so I think it will probably have to be Ayr.
One morning, though, Corbett woke in Guston's Woodstock home with an anxiety attack and tried to cadge a painting from him, as "some reward .
What Abrams did and shamelessly denied was to cadge petrodollars from the oil-rich sheiks of Brunei for the needy pillagers and assassins of Reagan's mercenary army holed up in their Honduran bases.
Aren't I recompensing Britain for its overall abuse of the NHS, its imbeciles who use ambulances like ring-and-ride vehicles, who cadge NHS prescriptions for pills and potions on sale at their local chemist?
They discovered that physicians tend to view religion and spirituality pragmatically, considering them resources in family decision-making and in end of life situations, and barriers when they conflict with medical decisions, said lead author Wendy Cadge.
I managed to cadge it off him as I wanted to find out how the public would react.
I'm embarrassed because I always seem to be on the cadge.
My two grandchildren are so beautiful I want to see them grow up and cadge money off me.
Workmen from the mills along Firth Street used to sit out on a lunchtime with sandwiches and tea, and Charlie and his mates, sufferers of war's austerity and perennially hungry, were wont to cadge scraps from them.
Far from being a cheeky bid to cadge food, it's all in the interests of research for her masters degree in visual communication at Swansea Institute.
He revealed that they have to cadge ammunition, their food is stolen by Taliban looters, and their guns are melting in the heat.
Rumours that Robert Nichols will try to use his OAP bus pass in an effort to cadge a free ride are totally unfounded
And the draughtsman will need to cadge time off for Tuesday's tie.
Occasionally one of the jokers will travel up and down the bus trying to cadge a cigarette or a light.
What nuance of that factoid would we have missed out on had there only been half as many on hand to cadge campaign buttons and free booze?