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a military trainee (as at a military academy)

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Answer: A culturally affirming institutional environment with leaders and staff employing strategies designed to close the gaps in educational and employment outcomes; targeted case management, including timely information, practical support and mentoring; greater opportunities for work experience, including short-term work placements, part-time and casual work, holiday cadetships and structured volunteering opportunities; and tracking of Indigenous students throughout the education and training system, with a focus on early intervention.
There are also opportunities for medical apprenticeships and cadetships in areas such as dental nursing, midwifery, and occupational therapy at www.
We're cutting out our potential leadership and university careers are still relatively unusual unless the person is strongly financially supported, for example (with) cadetships, teacher studentships and other scholarships .
Add the axing of Behind the News and the ending of cadetships and the ABC could be said to be devouring its own children.
The company has also been advertising flying training courses in specialist flying magazines in recent weeks and offering flying cadetships.
Clare, a student at King Edward VI High School for Girls, is one of only two candidates to be offered University Cadetships this year.
Offering a range of work experience placements, cadetships, and other training schemes, the foundation prides itself on developing the skills of students and teachers in the region.
Local people will also be able to access cadetships and graduate recruitment schemes meaning students can expect high-quality, fit-for-purpose training that provides on the job work experience," Dr Napthine said.