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of or relating to a cadaver or corpse


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He informed the audience of the seminar that necessary legislation on cadaveric transplantation would be introduced in consultation with all the stakeholders and the support of international bodies would also be arranged so that after death donation of human parts could be promoted.
However, cadaveric islets are scarce and variable in quality, and patients must undergo lifelong immunosuppression to receive these allogeneic islets.
She also said that experts were being given training in Spain where cadaveric transplants are being done according to a waiting list.
On the other hand, for FCE about cadaveric organ donation, South Koreans (M = 20.
It was found that out of hundred students eighty four considered cadaveric dissection necessary for learning anatomy.
Group A covered head and neck gross anatomy dissection course through cadaveric dissection and group B using plastic models.
9] The present study was done for the morphological and morphometric analysis of chordae tendineae and to compare the morphometric measurements among cadaveric and autopsied heart specimens of south Indians and to find out the effect of formalin in causing shrinkage of chordae tendineae.
Lumbar disc herniated tissues were studied microscopically in comparison with the cadaveric lumbar disc tissue, to evaluate the changes particularly the formation of new blood vessels.
5 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, the authors note: "To the extent that HLA matching demonstrably improves survival of cadaveric renal allografts, it is an efficient means to effect difficult allocative choices.
Objective: To assess the physical and psychological effects of human cadaveric dissection on undergraduate medical students and to observe the role of counseling in this regard.
For this reason, the current supply of organs is generated by altruistic cadaveric and living donors (LDs).
Commercially produced cadaveric hGH has been associated with only 1 previously reported case of iCJD: CJD developed in a 39-yearold Austrian man [approximately equal to] 22 years after he received commercial cadaveric hGH (Crescormon, Kabivitrum, Stockholm, Sweden) during 1984-1985 (3).
We particularly need to promote deceased or cadaveric organ donation culture in our country," he said.
The DVD contains cadaveric dissections, animations of approaches and techniques, and a selection of short, narrated cases.
He said those patients who do not have a living donor available, can opt for deceased donor transplantation which is also called cadaveric transplant.