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Synonyms for cadaver

the physical frame of a dead person or animal

Synonyms for cadaver

the dead body of a human being

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The Table allows students to interact with young and well-preserved digital cadavers instead of decaying physical bodies.
Su cadaver fue llevado a la cripta de los capuchinos, al panteon imperial, donde hasta el dia de hoy reposan sus restos, la historia que lo hizo trascender.
Our results show that both pulmonary physicians and trainees valued the use of cadaver sheep chest in this regard.
A problem with using arteries from animals or human cadavers for practising bypass surgery is that they feel different than living human tissue, says Fradet.
Este expediente salta del cadaver 8 al 11, le faltan el 9 y el 10.
To what extent is cadaver dissection necessary to learn medical gross anatomy?
A team led by Ardeshir Bayat at England's University of Manchester has found that skin taken from cadavers can heal acute wounds, such as burns, as well as painful ulcers that do not easily heal by themselves.
Analizar los trasplantes renales de donantes vivos y cadaver desde el ano 2005 a 2014 de nuestro hospital.
When more than one dog has alerted independently in the same spot, some judges have been persuaded to allow cadaver dog evidence.
Nationally, there are very few hands-on cadaver labs at the high school level, says David Evans, executive director of the National Science Teachers Association.
Left vertebral artery, originated directly from arch of aorta between the left common carotid artery and left subclavian artery in one cadaver.
Llegue a mi edificio hecha un desastre: parecia un cadaver.
First to be discovered was the cadaver of a man in front of Infant Jesus School on NHA Avenue in Purok Seppina, Dela Paz, in this city, around 5 a.
The situation has prompted residents to consider killing stray dogs for fear that they might pounce on cadaver bags and expose unidentified bodies, sources said.