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Synonyms for cadaver

the physical frame of a dead person or animal

Synonyms for cadaver

the dead body of a human being

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A team led by Ardeshir Bayat at England's University of Manchester has found that skin taken from cadavers can heal acute wounds, such as burns, as well as painful ulcers that do not easily heal by themselves.
In February, for instance, cadaver dog evidence helped convict a suburban Chicago man, Aurelio Montano, of killing his wife.
PRODUCT OVERVIEW II-16 Bile Collection Bags II-16 Blood Bags II-16 Breathing Bags II-17 Cadaver Bags II-17 Enema Bags II-17 Enteral Feeding Bags II-17 Ice Bags II-17 Intravenous Fluid Containers II-17 Ostomy Collection Bags II-18 Sterilization Packaging Bags II-18 Urinary Collection Bags II-18 Other Medical Specialty Bags II-18 Manual Resuscitation Bags II-18 Ventilation Bags II-19 Self-Inflating Bags II-19 Anesthesia Bags II-19 Key Materials Used for Medical Bags II-19 Medical Packaging Materials Industry - A Perspective II-19
The few cadaver programs Evans knows of all have rigorous admission requirements.
Prof Amir Latif was of his view that through cadaver donation, around 150 transplants could be performed every year.
They must be placed in cadaver bags -- for burial and future identification, the same source, who requested anonymity, said.
Designs for the Fort Collins college's cadaver lab were included in plans for Front Range's Sunlight Peak building, which went up in fall 2010.
8220;The hands-on cadaver workshop model is truly a unique learning opportunity,” says Keynote Speaker Dr.
There is large debris that is out there, and it is going to require the use of cadaver dogs to continue the process of search and recovery," Maddox told reporters in a press conference Thursday evening, according to The Crimson White.
Mortality in control, in vitro, and cadaver treatments was similar with 56 [+ or -] 11%, 74 [+ or -] 12%, and 60 [+ or -] 8%, respectively ([chi square] = 2.
A potential cadaver organ donor is an individual who has suffered from head injury or brain haemorrhage, and is admitted in an intensive-care unit: his respiration and blood pressure are maintained artificially by machines; all efforts have proved fruitless for saving his life.
abiotic factors, predator-prey dynamics, and environmental adaptation) operate on the level of insects colonizing a cadaver.
Summary: <p>The Spanish contingent operating as part of the United Interim Forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL) pursued works to build a fence to surround the Baathaiil Lake in the southern Kfar Shuba, while talks to dispose of the cadaver of a cow that recently died came to a halt, according to a report carried by the state-run National News Agency on Sunday.
Jerome Kalister, a medical graduate who took to animation and industrial design, the "3D Indiana" is a digital cadaver with every organ, bone, muscle, nerve and blood vessel, sculpted by 15 graduates from the Alappuzha Medical College.
For first-year students in medical school, the dissection of a cadaver is an important rite of passage in their quest to become doctors.