cactus wren

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large harsh-voiced American wren of arid regions of the United States southwest and Mexico

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Aural and visual cactus wren observations occurred at a combined frequency of 6.
Habitat fragmentation in coastal southern California disrupts genetic connectivity in the cactus wren (Campvlorhynchus brunneicapillus).
Construction will obliterate an estimated 30 pairs of gnatcatchers and 44 pairs of coastal cactus wrens.
Two of the yuccas at the refuge also supported abandoned nests within the leaf cluster of the plant, the more typical location of a cactus wren nest in this plant.
We observed cactus wrens nesting in a variety of non-native and non-spinescent vegetation in Arizona and New Mexico in recent years.
In the lower-level skies are dove, finches, hummingbirds, cactus wrens and thrashers, while on the ground, speedy and nimble roadrunners and Gambels quail are delights to behold.
For species of residents with >10 captures (n = 6), captures of crissal thrashers, cactus wrens, and black-throated sparrows did not differ between arroyos and uplands (P = 0.
On one visit, I saw cactus wrens nesting in the middle of one jumping cholla cactus, and a curved-billed thrasher's nest in another.
Verdins and cactus wrens beat the heat by building domed nests with covered roofs and tunnel entrances.
Watch for gilded flickers, Gila woodpeckers, kestrels, white-winged doves, western screech owls, and cactus wrens, the latter of which dive with impunity into spiny teddy-bear chollas.