cactus wren

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large harsh-voiced American wren of arid regions of the United States southwest and Mexico

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Food limitation of avian reproduction: an experiment with the Cactus Wren.
Some remarks on the behavior of the Yucatan Cactus Wren.
The clutch initiation period is similar to that recorded for Cactus Wrens (Campylorhynchus brunneicapillus) in Arizona (Simons and Martin 1990), but shorter than that of Stripe-backed Wrens (C.
rufinucha) in Costa Rica (Skutch 1985), and slightly smaller than that of Cactus Wrens (4 eggs) in Arizona (Simons and Simons 1990).
2008), but was similar to that reported for Cactus Wrens (0.
We observed cactus wrens nesting in a variety of non-native and non-spinescent vegetation in Arizona and New Mexico in recent years.
However, our observations indicate that cactus wrens use non-native trees in habitat that is otherwise suitable and are also flexible in their use of native, non-spinescent species.
Interspecific nest interference: the influence of cactus wrens (Campylorhynchus brunneicapillus) on verdin (Auriparus flaviceps) nest site selection.
The taxonomy, distribution, and status of coastal California cactus wrens.
Ingamells said the park is home to cactus wrens and Western whiptail lizards, which state biologists have been monitoring.
Coyotes, peccaries and wood rats, as well as a variety of birds - such as purple martins, cactus wrens and brown towhees - feast on the sweet saguaro fruits.