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The surfaces were covered with distinctive button-like circles that hammer home the cactus family resemblance; they brought to mind the slightly bulbous forms of the painter Philip Guston and the aesthetic of Frida Kahlo's blue house garden in Mexico.
The cactus family is faced with growing environmental threats, including urban sprawl, expansion of the agricultural frontier, introduction of exotic species, overgrazing by cattle, uncontrolled tourism, and poaching driven by the demand of exotic plant markets.
The first point we may note from this table is that the association with perennial plants occurs in all of the life-forms that are represented in the cactus family.
Like all members of the cactus family, the saguaro does not have true leaves.
OTCBB: MBAH) Scottsdale, Arizona, this news release is to clarify the recent actions by its Board of Directors, it has accepted the request of Cactus Family Investments, LLC ("Cactus") to convert 460,000 shares of the Company's Class A Preferred shares into 46,000,000 common shares.