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Synonyms for cacophonous

Synonyms for cacophonous

characterized by unpleasant discordance of sound

Synonyms for cacophonous

having an unpleasant sound


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All afternoon and evening a cacophonous band played from a bandstand in Victoria Square at a health damaging volume.
More urgent and to the point, a glorious barrage of guitar brought the song to its cacophonous climax in considerable style.
A month-long tournament that starts at Soccer City in Soweto on Friday when South Africa play Mexico will look and feel different from any other World Cup -- and sound different too thanks to the cacophonous din of vuvuzela trumpets.
While Fehlbaum's approach is in many respects deeply admirable, giving architects the longed-for chance to experiment (up next are SANAA), the ambience on what is essentially an ordinary suburban business park must rank as a tad surreal, like a band comprising entirely of egotistical and cacophonous lead vocalists.
One excerpt: "In today's cacophonous media world, in which news, rumor, opinion and infotainment from every kind of source are jumbled together and often presented indiscriminately, how would such an improbable-sounding story ever get verified?
For some the resulting theological chorus is symphonic, for others cacophonous, and for still others merely confusing.
That blame lies with the firms themselves, but there's no question that markets around the world have become so cacophonous that it can be hard to hear the right messages.
It always seemed to me to smack of cheesy Burt Reynolds movies and impossibly cacophonous Southern accents and nicknames like "Hog" and "Gator.
His screaming, retching and hyperventilating made drama queen Paul Burrell's cacophonous cavorting look positively manly.
The tranquility of the hobby appeals most to the man whose day is filled with a medley of sounds, sometimes cacophonous.
His best-known album, 1969's groundbreaking, cacophonous ``Trout Mask Replica,'' remains one of the most rewarding and intriguing records of the 20th century.
Content that makes it here has been sufficiently compelling to stand apart from the blogosphere's cacophonous chatter.
He invented a whole new prose and narrative style to capture the colorful, chaotic, and cacophonous reality of his homeland.
Watching blurred shapes fly past you in a disorientating, cacophonous whirl is something I can experience for the price of 14 pints of cider.
In an era when minimalism and restraint are so revered, thank heaven for Times Square which serves as a beacon of cacophonous vitality," said Kitty Hawks, who is one of the Design Times Square seven jurors who helped to select the properties in the contest.