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having an unpleasant sound


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As you walk around, you can also appreciate the con-flicting smells: sweet stalls up against fish and chips, candyfloss next to burgers, a confusion of competing odours almost as cacophonic as the noise.
Perhaps the contradiction is justified given the cacophonic nature of the sources, but Chiarelli fails to draw sufficient attention to the complex politics of the time.
The cacophonic, performative bluster of Southland Tales never threatens to "make sense" in conventional narrative terms.
In his daily Newshour Debate, however, Goswami ostentatiously conjures the cacophonic democracy of an anti-elitist, liberalised, vibrant and participative public that demands accountability from a corrupt, exploitative and ignorant political class.
There is a lot of (pre-paid and post-paid) attention-diverting and velvet-silencing, but besides this cacophonic noise where is a serious research on that?
After touring such pronounced structures, it seemed only fitting that the group's final destination of the day be the wildly colorful and cacophonic Grand Bazaar, another unusual experience for U.
Terrorism has to be fought and eliminated but that is not possible when dissonance voices assume cacophonic proportions.
During last five years, the nation witnessed all the qualities and drawbacks of a democratic system, the spirit of camaraderie exhibited by the members of treasury and opposition benches over hosts of issues, the point of no return on party's decisions, severe diatribe, accolades and differences cropping among the members of parliament and provincial assemblies, though appeared odd to many; in fact paved the way for 'bravado's hurrah' not familiar by the ears that grew up on cacophonic and chord sounds.
One of the best of the new scenes is when the crooks are forced to hold a concert for their elderly landlady's friends, passing off their incompetent, cacophonic mangling of their string instruments as the pinnacle modern music.
The cacophony onstage met an equally cacophonic response from the audience, who hurled insults at each other and at the performers.
If the individual has to change, to adapt to the new situation, the risk is of a non-linear inharmonious patchwork biography, a cacophonic biography.
I have often described the conditions in a seal colony and find it a waste of time to have to point out again: the seal colony is a cacophonic, stinking, murderous affair.
we've all heard and seen outlandish, oddly spelled or cacophonic names - and remembered our manners and held our tongues.
In all of these cacophonic events, it is unclear why Branko Crvenkovski at all cost, intentionally or not, consciously or not, wants to destroy his political acting over the last twenty years, regardless of how it was, good or bad
Chapter 5, "Satisfied with Stones: Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization and the Discourses of Resistance" revisits the problem of competing, cacophonic discourses again, only here Byrd frames the transit of imperial Indianness through the discourses surrounding the proposed Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act of 2007.