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having an unpleasant sound


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Beginning with the relative silence of the first few rooms, where recorded performances of Cage's music could be accessed only through headphones, the sounds grew progressively stronger and more complex, ending in a cacophonic roar both captivating and repellent, the avant-garde version of the ultimate power chord.
The rest of the lyrics meant nothing more than a cacophonic blur.
The atmosphere wasn't so much electric as cacophonic.
76) Finally, the last modification was prompted by the need to avoid the cacophonic term nequaquam.
The resulting cacophonic environment becomes an implicit marker of the complexity of the tension associated with territorial claims" (Caquard et al.
As we shall see, in perhaps the most memorable cacophonic scene in the opera, the hymn "Amazing Grace" is imbued with multiple meanings in order to reflect Offred's condition as the victim/hero of her own counter-memory.
We are being thrown into a world of cacophonic chaos in which everyone speaks at once with nothing much to say.
Instead, she joins a cacophonic and multi-voiced argument between the many local villagers (and some strangers) who have preceded her.
Yet, The Vegetable is a curious play, a cacophonic collision of Eastern wit, Midwestern virtue, and avant-garde stylistic daring written by a playwright who was both a native Minnesotan and, in one reviewer's words, "the apostle of the flappers" (Claridge 131).
In spite of the collaboration of some fine British musicians of that era, it comes across as dated, over-complicated, cacophonic and generally indecipherable.
Finally, they have the expert credentials and scholarly legitimacy to judge, evaluate, synthesize, and weed out useful or valid research and analysis from the cacophonic welter of information pressed upon public bodies by NGOs, corporations, lobbyists, and others.
Sounds - musical and cacophonic - play as vital a role in the sleeper's dream world as images.
Bulluosa's style and choice of words result in a fast-paced cacophonic description of colors, sounds, and scents that assault the reader's senses.
Each young woman is a case study in familial and psychological disorientation, and together they are radically heterogeneous and cacophonic.
The unit's cacophonic 125 decibels, says Midgely, cause a spectrum of reactions, from disorientation to dizziness to physical illness.