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large whale with a large cavity in the head containing spermaceti and oil

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What species of mammal has varieties called pilot, cachalot and grampus?
In 2001, while on vacation in Baja, Mexico, Mark Fischer trailed a "gorgeous" cachalot for three days in the Sea of Cortez as he accompanied a marine biologist who was recording the toothed whale's song.
Originally, six canoes were to take part but one of them, the Cachalot, was damaged as it was launched.
A cachalot is another name for which marine mammal?
This whale, among the English of old vaguely known as the Trumpa whale, and the Physeter whale, and the Anvil Headed whale, is the present Cachalot of the French, and the Pottsfich of the Germans, and the Macrocephalus of the Long Words.
Cachalot plastic additive S-53T3 higher-alcohol-based extrusion, casting, and calendering aid primarily for flexible PVC to prevent sticking.