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Charley Wheelock, chocolate maker at Woodblock Chocolate in Portland, Oregon, expresses perfectly the connection a chocolate maker has with the cacao bean.
There was no stability," said co-op president Sabando, interviewed over small shot-glasses of mistela del cacao in a warehouse filled with the pungent aroma of fermented cacao beans.
The percentage you see is the percentage of cacao bean material, cocoa powder and cocoa butter," says Marcus.
Chocolate Fudge (Makes 30-40 pieces) - Two cups of cashew nuts, soaked - One cup of dates, stoned and soaked - One cup of raisins, soaked - One cup of chocolate powder (crushed cacao beans or nibs) - Half a cup of water - Half a cup of golden flax seeds, ground - Half a cup of carob powder Put all the ingredients into the food processor, except the ground flax seeds.
And payment for a night at a Mayan brothel cost one handful of cacao beans.
Brazil annually exports about $100 million worth of cacao beans to the United States and has been the top South American cacao exporter.
There are three major fungal diseases that can make cacao beans inedible or unusable.
The Aztecs of Mexico called cacao beans "the food of the gods.
Brazil exports about $100 million in cacao beans to the United States annually and has traditionally been the top South American cacao exporter.
Christopher Columbus brought the cacao bean back to Spain, but no one knew how to use it.
The government policy slapping export tax on cacao bean has resulted in the expansion of cacao processing industry in the country.
Such was the importance of the cacao bean that we shouldn't forget that the Aztecs used bars of chocolate as a currency.
Lotus chefs make ``fudge'' by blending raw cacao bean with coconut oil and agave nectar.
The heart of the cacao bean, the nib contributes a rich flavor and silky texture when blended and brewed with our fine, medium roast organic beans," says Jeremiah Pick, company founder.