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the exclusive right of a country to control the air traffic within its borders

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navigation in coastal waters

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Unnikrishnan, Madhu (2008), "Ownership, Cabotage Continue to Divide U.
The government's policy on cabotage will be enforced by the new Cabotage Enforcement Unit in Port Harcourt, which operates under a mandate from the Ministry of Transport to check vessels in all Nigerian ports.
These will, in turn, invariably raise the issue of cabotage in the United States, forcing managers to face that issue for the first time.
Since the beginning of 2013, the demand for offshore support vessels(OSV) has been strong, particularly in the higher value OSV segment as the cabotage law has been strictly implemented in this segment.
They still set limits on ownership of airlines, controls over market share, and cabotage rights.
Bethune also stated that he did not think that any agreement reached between the two countries should include cabotage, which is where the airlines of one country are allowed to fly domestic services within another, an issue that the UK government is apparently keen to include in the current round of talks.
He said: "We want the Government to provide a rebate for essential users of diesel fuel and we are demanding that something is done about cabotage, which is the practice of allowing firms from Europe to fill up with cheap fuel in their countries before c oming to work in Britain.
The prohibition on cabotage has been maintained in the new agreement.
The TI has conducted research on issues such as cabotage, vehicle weights and dimensions regulations.
provision of maritime cabotage on operational routes for which there has been no business interest in a declaration regular routing in accordance with the provisions of n.
The cabotage exemption for DP2 Vessels, Platform Supply Vessels (PSV), AHTS above 5000BHP and Diving Support Vessels ended on 31 December 2012, and there has been a notable increase in charter rates for available Indonesian flagged vessels in the high value category.
Aquino's executive order will prohibit cabotage, an airline's right to carry passengers between two domestic points, Ochoa explained.
The regulation also requires reciprocal offer from the investor's country of origin, and the foreign investor is required to comply with the cabotage principle, he said.
Deputy Assistant Secretary-Transportation Affairs John Byerly said offering cabotage rights to EU carriers for cargo flights is under consideration and could be in play during the next round of EU-US open skies talks.
THE EUROPEAN Commission has negotiated open skies deals with Romania, Macedonia, Morocco, Albania and Bosnia & Herzegovina, which will enable their airlines to freely offer services to European Union (EU) airports, including cabotage.