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the area for food preparation on a ship

a car on a freight train for use of the train crew

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Keaton (1991) simulates possible freight service improvements that might occur from elimination of cabooses and associated crew members but does not attempt to estimate the cost savings.
In other words, why were larger crews and cabooses once thought necessary, and what changes in technology caused these larger crews and cabooses to become obsolete?
Strung along the sidings are 33 locomotives, many still operational, and an assortment of at least 80 boxcars, freight cars, passenger cars, maintenance equipment, and cabooses.
On summer weekends, the entire family can hop aboard a caboose for rides around the track; cost is $2 per adult or $5 per family for as many rides as you want.
Alternative accommodation can be found in structures converted from their initial purposes such as forts, lighthouses, windmills and cabooses.
A lounge car, dining car and two cabooses sit next to the depot.
Also on track is a special train consisting of at least three cabooses, providing a rare opportunity for folks to take an hourlong excursion in an actual caboose, which is the last car on a freight train and contains a kitchen and sleeping facilities for the crew.
The 45-year-old auto detailer painstakingly sets up his years-in-the- making investment once a month, drawing curious passers-by to inspect the functioning electric trains that snake their way around the building on Pine Street, complete with smoking cabooses, screeching brakes and chatter from the tower.
The trains, some created from scratch and some built from kits with materials ranging from brass to polystyrene, include diesel and steam locomotives that whistle and hiss and hoot, refrigerated cars, cabooses, tankers and flat cars.
That's where the crew would stay when the train was moving,'' said Coombs, adding that cabooses were outfitted with a desk, sink, toilet, bed and stove.
Cabooses were where men once kept watch to ensure the train bearings weren't getting too hot.
The result was Travel Town, an open-air exhibit established in 1952 featuring retired locomotives, passenger and baggage cars, and cabooses.
Since he was 5 years old, Leong has spent countless hours using hairline paintbrushes and toothpicks to add meticulous details to his collection of box cars, cabooses and locomotives.
The mint-condition caboose was one of three attached to a diesel engine that pulled passengers through the citrus orchards on the outskirts of town.
Passengers can choose regular passenger cars or ride in a caboose.