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Synonyms for caboose

the area for food preparation on a ship

a car on a freight train for use of the train crew

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And this is the caboose," which, he explained, is the exclamation point at the end, the memorable phrase that pulls together the sentiment of the song.
If you are in town during the first Saturday in March, be sure to plan time at the Loose Caboose Festival.
They had travelled in a caboose mounted on sleigh runners, for the 300-mile, 73-day journey.
Nothing fancy mind you: just a small, simple oval or figure eight with a few cars attached to the locomotive and trailed by the caboose .
Organic Caboose will be featuring their entire product line at the show and will be offering an exclusive wholesale special and a drawing for a prize valued at over $500 during the ABC Kids Expo.
He woke up suddenly to a scary sound--the caboose had detached from the train, and was headed towards an oncoming passenger train
We have officially become breeders this week, as Loose Caboose has scanned in foal to Byron.
Then, kicking up a few stones, it broke the rear window in an occupied caboose of a moving freight train before catching on an automatic signal along the railroad track and leaving a 100-foot line as evidence--enough to hang the pilot
The 2-1 favourite was settled at the front of the stands side group by Silvestre De Sousa and despite hanging right in the closing stages, he still beat Loose Caboose a head.
The son of Machiavellian (2-1 favourite) was settled at the front of the stands side group by Silvestre De Sousa and, despite hanging right across the track in the closing stages, he was still able to come home a head clear of Loose Caboose.
In elementary school, as a result of having a last name at the end of the alphabet, Kacie Starr Triplett often found herself at the back of the line--a position she thought of as "being the caboose.
The engineer was asleep, and the fireman was in the caboose when the train went through your ranch that morning.
You have to get from the caboose to the middle of the train, only the train is moving.
Because he does, he ends up making the history of American childhood a mere caboose on a train whose direction it is powerless to affect.