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someone who drives a taxi for a living

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As the RTS tract on coachmen suggested, a converted cabbie could have an auspicious influence on his fellow cabmen, who were notorious for their lack of morals, and could transform his cab into a highly visible and mobile example of cleanliness and honesty.
As Noel recounts, labourers would pass buckets of whiskey in the fields and factories, and carters and cabmen expected a drink as a tip for their services.
They strongly feel that imposition of such a rule would curb the menace to a large extent as the cabmen would be afraid to take undue advantage of the situation and the women too would be able to lodge a complaint in case of a problem.
In Cambridge to receive an honorary doctorate, he treated his hosts to a monumental snub: "Je ne parle pas anglais, sauf avec les cabmen et les waiters.
He not only celebrates the way that "all New York goes a-nutting" so that there are "chestnuts for cabmen and newsboys" (WF 213), but he also ridicules, in anti-elitist terms, what he represents as overly cultivated fruits.
As tourism developed, the traveller became increasingly hemmed in by what Thomas Pynchon was to call 'Baedeker land'; a wanderer could become 'as much a feature of the topography as the other automata: waiters, porters, cabmen, clerks'.
His cabmen used to refer to especially choking and enveloping versions as "a London particular".
Several cabmen, also in the shelter, were discussing the murders, especially the latest ones discovered that morning.
Grady "warned the cabmen to move to the new stand," Police Report, 7 December, 1881.
Reports have it that the Yellow Cabmen do remove air-conditioners from the taxi's and make extra money by selling the A.
a man with quite virgin mind' such as the peasant cabmen to ensure 'a fully intense perception' is an alliance that affirms Ford's distrust of the politics of reform (p.