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Synonyms for cable

a telegram sent abroad

a very strong thick rope made of twisted hemp or steel wire

a nautical unit of depth

television that is transmitted over cable directly to the receiver

send cables, wires, or telegrams

fasten with a cable

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You might also find out that the cabling penetrations of the various firewalls have not been properly fire stopped.
For more than two decades, the cabling manufacturers have used PVC jackets on cables for both plenum and non-plenum rated applications.
In any case, be sure that you have 12 inches or so of cabling between drives.
Because connectors and cabling are unavoidable, reflections are unavoidable, but every effort should be made to reduce them by using a minimum number of connectors.
The report, "VOIP Cabling Systems Market", provides detailed market forecasts for both copper and fiber structured cabling systems.
Highlighting the Structured Cabling Systems Market:
After a decade of significant growth in the 1990s, the structured cabling systems market has struggled in recent times and the market has stalled.
The new General Cable and Panduit alliance brings together two respected leaders in cable and connectivity to provide a comprehensive line of structured cabling solutions.
Pacific Coast Cabling has posted an average 37 percent growth in 10 years.
With over 100 years of experience, NORDX/CDT has grown to become a leading manufacturer of structured cabling solutions.
a wholly owned subsidiary of Cable Design Technologies (CDT) Corporation (NYSE: CDT) unveiled today, at the BISCI Winter conference, plans for their new IBDN System 4800LX cabling system, capable of demonstrating 300 MHz in extended bandwidth.
finds that most are looking to upgrade their older category 3, category 5 and STP cabling to enhanced category 5, category 6 and fiber optic cabling.
NASDAQ:MTST) Monday announced MICROSCANNER(TM) for twisted-pair cabling, the first in a family of low-cost cable test products designed for verification and troubleshooting of new and installed cabling.
today announced the WireScope 155 cable analyzer for testing Category 5 twisted pair cabling.