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a telegram sent abroad

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The cablegram was in fact sent by then-assistant Secretary-General for Security Council affairs, Arkady Sobolev, who was in charge in New York while Lie was traveling in Europe.
So delighted with his capture was the Spanish minister of war that he sent a cablegram to Joaquin Jovellar, the captain general of Cuba, calling it a signal triumph and he confirmed the promotion of Ariza to captain.
Next day the couple found a shore-to-ship cablegram on their breakfast table.
Burry Port, Carmarthenshire, South Wales, June 18," read the cablegram she dictated and sent to The New York Times.
NAA: A1838/272 1175/10/1 Part 13, outward cablegram to Moscow, 3 December 1974, p.
Cablegram, Rademeyer to Sillitoe, 15 August 1953, MI5 Personal File.
In the midst of all of the activity, on the morning of 27 April, a small tug entered Mirs Bay to deliver an urgent cablegram from Secretary Long: "War has commenced between the United States and Spain.
The cablegram read, "Thousands of loyal Canadians are with you in your magnificent fight to preserve the best traditions of British citizenship by resisting the coercion of Ulster.
32) Brundage's cablegram proved impotent; the Cuban authorities were not swayed when Moenck placed it before them.
Dear Henderson: Your cablegram indicates that you are still a bit confused.
The nicest thing about Paul Bowles is that he was a very radical young guy and I remember this Midwest magazine, perhaps it was New Left, sent out a questionnaire asking various writers what they will do if war breaks out, and asking political questions mostly, and Bowles sent them a cablegram saying, "I will have no further communication with you until I spit upon you from the cockpit of a Fokker.
The agent already knew the procedure used by Admiralty Berlin for the dispatch of such messages by commercial cablegram, and how it was stamped by the Admiralty and censor's office.
A cablegram reached me this morning from Buckingham Palace, which I am sure you would all like to hear: 'Buckingham Palace, Old Kent Road, London.