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a telegram sent abroad

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2) Cranborne to Commonwealth Government, Cablegram 72, London, 13-3-1945, in Hudson and May 1989:83-4.
One of today's cablegrams gives the chief landing-places of the Allies as Cape Helles, on the extremity of the peninsula, with the fort of Seddul-Bahr just to the east of it; Kum Kaleh, on the Asiatic cape opposite; Cape Suvla, twenty miles northward of Cape Helles; and the coast of the Gulf of Saros, near Ghennikos, north-west of Gallipoli, the town.
One recalls that there was on the blockade of Havana and Santiago and the Siboney chaparral a correspondent who was brilliant, one who was caddish, one who saw the battle of Santiago and wrote the earliest description and one who was sun struck in a land battle and whose account had to written from lips by a comrade who signed and got credit for it, while the sun-smitten man received a harsh cablegram from his office for a supposed dereliction that had been genuinely heroic devotion to duty.
Cablegram Checking if a joint or underground, the point No.
In the meantime, Consul Maddin Summers, on 16 April 1918, had informed the United States Secretary of State Robert Lansing (1864-1928) by cablegram, through the United States Consul at Vladivostok, about the arrest of Woldemar Bary and sought instructions: "Demand that Bary be allowed counsel and that members of the consular staff be present at trial .
He contacted the president of the Security Council and proposed that he would send a cablegram to his representative (Bunche), empowering him to assume full authority of the Palestine mission until further notice.
On behalf of the Association, a strong plea was lodged by cablegram and letter against the proposed closing of the Classics Department at Bedford College, University of London.
I was 19 when I received my first cablegram sent from Japan by my brand-new husband.
But the old days in which embassy staff spent untold hours listening to radio and television broadcasts, or whispering to their counterparts in a dark corner of a cafe and reporting their findings in a cablegram, are gone.
Cablegram Dated 29 June 1950 From the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics to the Secretary-General Concerning the Security Council Resolution of 27 June 1950 (S/1511), U.
So delighted with his capture was the Spanish minister of war that he sent a cablegram to Joaquin Jovellar, the captain general of Cuba, calling it a signal triumph and he confirmed the promotion of Ariza to captain.
Later on the same day of the novella's completion, Lawrence is informed by a cablegram from his sister Emily that their father has died, and the next day he writes a short but revealing note to her acknowledging his pain: "It was the last thing I expected.
Next day the couple found a shore-to-ship cablegram on their breakfast table.
Burry Port, Carmarthenshire, South Wales, June 18," read the cablegram she dictated and sent to The New York Times.