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a conveyance for passengers or freight on a cable railway

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To be completed in summer 2012, the cable car system is being sponsored by Dubai-based carrier Emirates and will be known as the Emirates Air Line.
LONDON After its opening next year, the cable car across the Thames is expected to draw more visitors to east London and increase local transport capacity.
London Mayor Boris Johnson said: "A cable car would not only provide a unique and pioneer ing addition to London's skyline, but also offer a serene and joyful journey across the river.
At the Victoria Park end would be a multi-storey car park with the cable cars coming from the top.
About 110 people were stranded in cable cars and at the top of the mountain.
The cable car was shut down for two weeks after the incident but has operated safely since.
Skyride was closed at the time and no visitors were injured in the fire which destroyed the cable car station's roof.
The popular cable car only reopened for business this week after a winter break.
David Leeder, the council's head of planning and environmental strategy, said: "We've recently received a feasibility study into the construction of a cable car link between the town centre and the Gateshead Quays area.
Details: Cable Car Caroling, Regency Center, 1290 Sutter St.
ACCIDENT investigators yesterday began removing the key piece of equipment at the centre of their inquiry into a cable car crash which injured five people, including a family from Northern Ireland.
3million cable car link to the mainland may be scrapped.
A couple riding in a cable car in Nagano Prefecture, central Japan, died Wednesday after the cable detached from a pulley and they were thrown from their gondola, according to the cable car operator and local authorities.
On a recent four-day stay here, we got around by BART train, bus, cable car, taxi, streetcar, bike, boat and foot.
MTRC), one of the territory's two rail operators, to build and operate a cable car system linking the Big Buddha tourist spot with the town center on outlying Lantau Island.