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a conveyance for passengers or freight on a cable railway

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The project will kick off with 22 cable cars which will carry 38 passengers per cabin, 11,000 commuters per hour in both directions, and have a capacity to transport more than 180,000 commuters per day.
Another issue is the appointment of directors who will represent the KFS to the Likoni Cable Cars Ltd," said Mr Gowa.
To facilitate the cable car's construction, it was first necessary to build smaller, auxiliary cable cars from the starting station to Skalnate Pleso and from there to the Lomnicky Stit peak.
The Gulmarg Gondola is Asia's highest cable car circuit and the world's second highest cable car circuit since 2008.
Shes talked a big game about how she will break ranks and vote against a cable car.
The estimated cost of the Al Maqtaa Cable Car Project is Dh350 million ($95.
The estimated cost of Al Maqtaa cable car project is Dh350 million.
And earlier this year a plan for a cable car linking a new development in Bath to the city centre was put out for consultation, but due to negative feedback the plan was shelved last week.
According to reports locals used the cable car for travel between two villages from Charra Pani to Banwari.
Politically speaking, this is a very sensitive project, since the cable car crosses the Green Line and one of its stations is supposed to be built in an area controlled by the Elad settler association (which will also help finance part of the project) at the Givati parking lot.
told reporters last week that a cable car system on Mactan Island, which could later be expanded to Cebu's main island, was one of their 'best' solutions thus far.
This was said by regional Manager TDCPO Cable Car, Mohsin Fazal while talking to media persons in Murree.
In a statement, La Compagnie du Mont Blanc, which runs the cable car, gave no reason for the accident but said the cables could become tangled after an abrupt halt to the system or in strong winds.
Passenger Frederic Maurer was one of the first to be rescued with his daughter and son after the cable car that runs between the Aiguille du Midi station in Chamonix and the Punta Helbronner in neighbouring Italy broke down.
More than 100 people were trapped Thursday on a broken cable car in the Western France city of Chamonix, prompting local officials to launch rescue missions via helicopters.