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a woodworker who specializes in making furniture

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this and I would not hesitate in referring to them in future" "Your service has gone the extra mile to accommodate my client by offering him an individual one-toone tutor and a tailored programme" "I just wanted to share a few words on our appreciation for the work you, the staffand your organisation do to "I worked for nine years on the bench here as a cabinetmaker and then as team leader before the opportunity arose for myself and a colleague, Florian Krenn, to take up directorships within the company," said Heath.
In this environment of boom and bust Tulles produced some of the finest furniture to be identified with a Canadian cabinetmaker in the early 19th century.
CONTEMPORARY STYLING Functional can still be attractive, thanks to Reiner St|eckle Cabinetmaker.
Few cabinetmakers have achieved such a satisfying synthesis of furniture, 'painting' in wood, and sculpture.
Moeltner, who operated a nearby melamine laminating plant, wanted to promote a secondary industry in the North and set up Three-H with Dittman, an experienced cabinetmaker from Germany.
Industrial designers look at the works of Thomas Day, a free cabinetmaker who lived and worked in North Carolina from the early 1820s to the early 1860s.
She had people to feed: her husband; her son-in-law, a short, stout fur trader with a wicked temper and a Rabelasian appetite; her daughter and three grandchildren; and an orphaned cousin named Heschel, who was a cabinetmaker and the gentlest of souls.
The organ was created by adapting a neo-Baroque console bought from a Neapolitan cabinetmaker.
Cabinetmaker Latham, from Parr, St Helens, Merseyside, became only the seventh person in the country to be imprisoned for collecting eggs from the wild since the law changed in 2001.
Until 14 September MAK--Austrian Museum of Applied Arts Vienna Survey of Scarpa's work focusing on his collaboration with the cabinetmaker Saverio Anfodillo.
We meet Grace, a politically aware and promiscuous lesbian; Yvette, the naive second wife of an older man; Raymond, a laid-off shipyard worker with a troubled son; Louis, a Christian mechanic who does the bare minimum in life; Marc, financially successful but distant; Anthony, a cabinetmaker following in his father's footsteps; and Joseph, a Vietnam veteran turned local drunk.
A simpler seat can be had by hiring a cabinetmaker to create a perch in front of an existing window ($1,000 to $3,000).
Cabinetmaker Erie Sauder had a passion and a knack for crafting furniture people liked.
The bookcase was built by Newport cabinetmaker Christopher Townsend, with silver fixtures by Samuel Casey.
The backdrop of brick and blacktop seems an unlikely setting for a cabinetmaker, which is what Hartman is.