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Synonyms for cabinet

Synonyms for cabinet

a piece of furniture resembling a cupboard with doors and shelves and drawers

persons appointed by a head of state to head executive departments of government and act as official advisers

a storage compartment for clothes and valuables

housing for electronic instruments, as radio or television


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The meeting ratified recommendations of the Cabinet Committee for Disposal of Legislative Cases in its meeting held on 16-10-2017.
In February 2017, the federal cabinet had also regularised the $2.
Sources said that cabinet division has 60 million rupees but it has been allowed to get 40 million more rupees.
What's more, the Disinfection cabinet industry development trends and marketing channels are analyzed.
com is an online retailer specializing in semi-custom assembled cabinets Made in the USA.
Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan - Cabinet Member, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
Cette etude vise la periode qui va de 1993 a 2014, les cabinets de Kim Campbell et Jean Chretien en 1993 representant la premiere tentative de ce que j'appellerai le cabinet << resserre >> : de plus petits executifs qui etaient surtout des creations symboliques refletant l'adoption par les gouvernements d'approches neoliberales par rapport a la croissance et au role de l'Etat.
While politicians have focused on the financial savings of cabinet reduction, others have focused on the institutional impact of cabinet reduction.
The functions of this Committee on Management of Natural Calamities will be handled by the Committee under the Cabinet Secretary whenever natural calamities occur, whereas, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs will handle the functions of Cabinet Committee on Prices.
South Sudan cabinet in session September 1, 2012 (file/photo ST)
According to the poll, which was conducted at the end of April, 47 percent of respondents said that they prefer a new cabinet that is not led by Qandil, while 24 percent of respondents said they prefer a limited cabinet reshuffle.
It Gloss Cream Slab Cabinet thickness: 18mm PS1,316.
Every good cabinet installation starts with a good layout.
NNA - Member of Parliament Kazem al Kheir told Voice of Lebanon on Tuesday that the cabinet of Prime Minister Najib Mikati is nothing more than a Hizbullah cabinet with a cover up from MP Michel Aoun's bloc.
3 -- The Maldives cabinet will no longer meet at the President's Office round table only but will hold sessions in islands open to the public, and thereafter will announce decisions on social network sites like the Facebook or Twitter.
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