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a young man acting as a servant on a ship

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In 1857 he enlisted as a cabin boy, the lowest rank on a sailing ship, bound for the East Indies.
But first, this month, he shows his physical endurance as a cabin boy aboard the doomed whaling ship Essex in Ron Howard's "In the Heart of the Sea.
Instead of taking up the sword in battle, however, Yoshi finds himself accidentally bound to an unlikely ally: an American cabin boy named Jack who saves Yoshi from certain death.
Some accounts suggest the young William was just eight when he served as a cabin boy on a vessel named Grasmere, while others state he was 13 or 14.
Cook talks about how his various life experiences and failures prepared him to become the head of an award winning, global company, including working as a cabin boy on a tanker ship, promoting a girlfriend's fledgling singing career, starting a chauffer service that ultimately failed, and substitute teaching.
In a world where airplanes have never been invented, Matt Cruse, a cabin boy on the luxury airship, Aurora, rescues the pilot of a damaged hot air balloon and hears about impossible flying creatures glimpsed in the clouds.
Ted' as he was known, was born in Alutgama, Ceylon, in 1940 and worked his passage in 1959 as a cabin boy.
Reginald was a Merchant Navy cabin boy, who had lied about his age so he could join the war effort.
The lifeboat saved all lives on the Lovely Nelly apart from 12-year-old cabin boy Thomas Thomson.
Thompson, readers will follow Hannah as she disguises herself as a pirate and works as a cabin boy aboard an American privateer ship during the Revolutionary War.
I stay aboard - as captain, as cabin boy, no matter what, I won't abandon ship.
In that year, 14-year-old Werner Franz was the Hindenburg's cabin boy -- with a job that took him into the sky, away from his family and even Germany.
Coalition cabin boy Vince Cable yesterday made a devastating admission that the Government are adrift on a recessionary ocean and have "no compelling vision" of what to do, or where to go in the world.
Make some pirate accessories and read about what its like to be a cabin boy on a pirate ship starting on page 8 We're also obsessed with the holidays that are coming up
Famous as the voice of Peter Pan and cabin boy Jim Hawkins in Treasure Island, he ended up just another penniless drug addict dead in the street.