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someone who drives a taxi for a living

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Cabbies had insisted that waiting for the review's outcome would see even more taxis on the streets, further damaging their livelihoods.
BOOK WORM: Cabbie Phil Gerrard brushes up on his art history
Newcastle says a cohort of cabbies from the border town are causing havoc up and down the country by taking advantage of a legal loophole.
However, cabbies have slammed the move, saying they have never received any complaints from punters
Cabbies keen to enter should call the Liverpool Culture Company on 0151 233 5442, or download a form from www.
Ostensible drama is provided by a serial killer of cabbies - who of our bunch will be next?
Chairman Terry Trouth, left, showed how the cabbies want to drive into the Millennium with smart slacks, polo shirts and sweet-smelling deodorants
Venus, a pink-haired mother of eight, the surly Zax, unpredictable Angel and super-smooth Bixbite join eight cabbies from the first two games.
Many frustrated cabbies clearly didn't want to strike.
The Great British Eatery will be welcoming cabbies through its doors to promote the food show, which takes place from July 16-18 in Cannon Hill Park.
UNDERcovER inspectors are cracking down on dozens of British cabbies who are working illegally on the costa Brava and undercutting the Spanish taxi drivers.
CABBIES took underprivileged children to Gulliver's World in balloon-clad taxis today.
SOARING costs including fuel prices are pushing up taxi fares in Newcastle as cabbies struggle to make a living.
CABBIES branded the worst in Scotland are getting their act in gear.
It follows complaints about some cabbies who have argued with customers over fares and others who have turned up at the airport barechested.