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someone who drives a taxi for a living

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Honouring the two honest cabbies with a cash prize, valuable gifts and appreciation certificates, Al Shamsi said Sharjah Transport, set to encourage drivers' good conduct, curb traffic violations and complaints, and boost customer satisfaction, has adopted an incentive scheme worth Dh100,000.
Al Harthy added that cabbies were also undergoing regular training to improve their driving, as well as to brush up their communication skills.
Results of a study also reveal some cabbies may be born to do the job - with brains that simply make them better than others at remembering all the routes of the capital.
As first revealed in the Telegraph, striking cabbies voted on Monday night to return to work once councillor Lindsley Harvard had rubber-stamped a three-month review into demand for cabs.
Newcastle says a cohort of cabbies from the border town are causing havoc up and down the country by taking advantage of a legal loophole.
All three robberies are alleged to have occurred after the cabbies had driven Akbar to Huddersfield.
Council chiefs have drafted a taxi licence condition that says male drivers must wear a collar and tie while women cabbies should be dressed in a blouse with skirt or trousers.
LIVERPOOL'S cabbies are set to have their local knowledge tested in a competition to get them ready for Capital of Culture 2008.
Sitting through this movie about Big Apple cabbies who work the late shift is like sitting in a cab whose driver considers you a dupe - he takes a long time to get you nowhere special.
Leaders of London's 2,500 cabbies have warned they will cause gridlock in the city if any driver is stripped of his or her licence for defying the ban, which was exclusively revealed in the Sunday People last month.
CABBIES are going super smart to become chic ambassadors for Birmingham.
Loaded with wild new cabbies, tricked-out vehicles and three massive cities, including the all-new Glitter Oasis, "Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller" takes advantage of Xbox to deliver the biggest, wildest "Crazy Taxi" game yet.
Leaders say about 500 striking cabbies voted unanimously in favour of bringing a halt to eight days of widespread disruption.
The Great British Eatery will be welcoming cabbies through its doors to promote the food show, which takes place from July 16-18 in Cannon Hill Park.
UNDERcovER inspectors are cracking down on dozens of British cabbies who are working illegally on the costa Brava and undercutting the Spanish taxi drivers.