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Synonyms for cabalist

a member of a cabal

an expert who is highly skilled in obscure or difficult or esoteric matters


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a student of the Jewish Kabbalah

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When Basola arrived in Safed in 1560, to settle and permanently make aliyah at the age of 80, he was warmly greeted by a number of rabbinic scholars, including the cabalist Moses Cordovero.
Cabalists, Jewish and Christian, have had the Book of Splendor to ponder since the 13th century, and the truly wise among them have said that it is a work of such wisdom that nothing can be understood of it at all.
He presents, as evidence of this convergence, two Cabalists of the era, Yohanan Alemanno and Abraham Yagel, who appear to see relationships between the golem and other non-Jewish artificial humanoids.
Gunnar, poet of the best-selling book Watermelanin, has "the ear of academics, the street denizens, and political cabalists.
Pius X classifies Modernists as open rebels, hidden cabalists, or well-intending but confused Catholics.
And he wants the trial to have been the moment when "business as usual" Renaissance politics died, when it was no longer possible to "keep up appearances" by day, all the while consulting astrologers, cabalists, and magicians by night.
However, the Cabalists, a theosophical and mystical Jewish movement, gained popularity in medieval Spain It retained the Apocalyptic imagery in speculation about such issues as the anticipated return to Jerusalem, the arrival of the Messiah, and the end of history.
For Demetz, Prague is not so much "magic Prague," the city of Cabalists, Lurianic mystics, and the ubiquitous Golem, but instead a city of rationalists.
Clinton said she was interested in cabala, and that the city of cabalists had always aroused her curiosity,'' said Israeli government spokesman Aviv Bushinsky.