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Synonyms for byword

a usually pithy and familiar statement expressing an observation or principle generally accepted as wise or true

Synonyms for byword

a condensed but memorable saying embodying some important fact of experience that is taken as true by many people

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In the world of celebrity where "fake" and "self-serving" are bywords, Myleene Klass was kind, gentle, unpretentious and a breath of fresh air.
The bywords in the sales literature for all the city living developments are 'buzzing' and 'vibrant'.
STYLISH sophistication and innovative technology have long been bywords of Mercedes engineering.
Never before have those current bywords of accountability and transparency been more clearly indicated.
The bywords of the late 1970s were corporate self-assessment and resident decision making.
Courage and self-esteem become bywords in a village that protects its inhabitants.
They accomplished this not through feats of magic, but rather with sound strategic planning; carefully executed strategies that became the bywords of their business.