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tuft of strong filaments by which e


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heliophila was highly antifoulant in the present study (in which only 23 byssus were fixed, in total, against 132 in the blank controls), but did not deter fouling in North Carolina, U.
Byssus threads, they found, are composed of a well-designed combination of soft, stretchy material on one end and much stiffer material on the other.
In fact, byssus is even stronger when facing chaotic forces; it can withstand impacts in a dynamic, sloshing environment that are up to nine times stronger than the strain of being pulled in one direction.
Whereas in the control group, normal byssus production and attachment was noticed (Table 4).
However such an environment is conducive to the entrapment of sand particles by the byssus threads of the horse mussels.
Mussels, for instance, have byssus threads that anchor them to the rock.
Mytilene aux beaux choeurs, indolemment couchee, Gonflera sous tes yeux ses voiles de byssus, Et ses vierges viendront t'apporter leur jonchee De roses, de fenouil, d' iris et de crocus.
The quantity of biomass produced in gonads, somatic tissue, byssus and shell organic matrix was studied throughout a year (July '95-July '96) in individuals of Modiolus squamosus collected at Tocuchare, Gulf of Cariaco, Venezuela.
Exactly how these proteins link together to give the material, called byssus, its strength has remained unclear.
Mussels grow in clusters,attaching themselves by means of a byssus, which are numerous threads produced by the mussel itself that allows it to cling to rocks or other supports such as jetties, pier's and gravel beaches.
The byssus, or stringy beard, should be pulled away from the mussel shell.
Effects of predatory crab effluent on byssus production in mussels.