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tuft of strong filaments by which e


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2014) stated that the adhesion of the plaque (the attachment point to the substrate) could only occur when a water-free interface is achieved between the byssal thread and the substrate.
3) Are there tradeoffs between growth in body mass and growth of byssal threads, the protein-rich extensions used to anchor individuals to the rock?
The key, they found, lies not in the glue that the mussel uses to attach its beard to a surface, but in the intrinsic nature of the byssal threads themselves.
50]) of methanolic extract for 50% inhibition of byssal production and attachment of brown mussel P.
A byssal gland, on the proximal end of the foot, secretes a bundle of threads, termed the byssus by which the juvenile scallop anchors itself to an object.
For the adhesive to work as imagined, it would have to mimic the properties of the byssal threads.
In Mytilus mussels, the proteinaceous byssal thread are used to anchor individuals to hard substrates and the observed changes in mechanical properties could reduce attachment strength.
Held together by a web of byssal threads produced primarily by the mussels, the invertebrate layer can accumulate to thicknesses of greater than 30 cm (Continental Shelf Associates, Inc.
Its left valve is more concave than the right, and it has a byssal opening, a structure not universal in oysters (Fig.
Additional scallop predation defenses may include concealing themselves in crevices or other refuges and, in the case of smaller individuals, tethering themselves to the substrate with byssal threads (e.
The thick mats of byssal threads that it lays down add structure and create additional niche space for many other species.
Predation was noticed for individuals that had discarded their byssal threads and did not have time to secrete a new one and reattach themselves to the seabed, thus becoming easy prey for H.
Despite its ability to dramatically alter benthic habitats through the construction of dense byssal mats, a variety of small macrofauna often exist in higher abundances in the presence of the mussel.