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a long (usually sleeveless) tunic of chain mail formerly worn as defensive armor

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The fact that the byrnie is made from "dracan fellum" (dragon's skin) and imbued with dark magical properties from "deofles craeftum" (devil's craft) make this detail all the more fantastic.
It seems quite possible that Beowulf may have begun the description with a metaphorical interpretation of the skin that likens it to a byrnie or armor, but then shifts at the conclusion of his illustration to a literal report of what he saw.
Whether skin or byrnie, though I favor the former, the first two accounts of the Grendel fight (710-836 and 957-90) provide some possible clues suggesting something more than mere magic may account for Grendel's invulnerability to weapons.
64) Whatever the case, this passage does work nicely in conjunction with the "glove-as-belly" theory in the sense that whether Grendel wears a byrnie or has the skin of a serpent, he would have been defended against the blows of Beowulfs companions.
Byrnie was not hired by the town of Cromwell, Connecticut, he filed a lawsuit against the town claiming that he was discriminated against because of his age.
As a result of the ruling, Byrnie has the right to take his claims to a jury.
For example, federal statutes were at issue in Byrnie v.
My byrnie is multi-colored, likewise a bright wire-ornament rests about the death-gem that the ruler gave me, (5) he who directs me, wide-ranging, to battle.
Davidson suggests that the byrnie may represent a pattern-welded sword-blade, while the gem may refer to an ornamental stone or charm set in the hilt.