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  • noun

Synonyms for byproduct

something derived from another

Synonyms for byproduct

a secondary and sometimes unexpected consequence

a product made during the manufacture of something else

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Depending on the different oil extraction procedures, the copra byproducts can be classified into mechanically extracted copra meal (copra expellers, CE; IFN 5-01-572; AAFCO, 2016) or solvent extracted copra meal (CM; IFN 5-01-573; AAFCO, 2016).
The select foundry byproduct material met state and federal regulatory design standards and retained the desired engineering properties.
In the present study, despite of lower CT in the black tea byproduct than that in green, PPC and increment of in vitro fermentation with PEG in black tea by-product were higher than those in green one.
Essentially, a plant needs to prove to farmers that livestock would gain weight, acquire appropriate nutrients or produce milk less expensively by eating byproduct feed than from other feed sources.
The inculcation of religious belief would be a byproduct of these other, baser, motives.
Only the net proceeds received from the byproducts sold in the current period are accounted for and shown in the income statement as byproduct revenue.
The other byproduct is heat, which can be captured and reused in a cogeneration process.
However, they react with organic material, and the resulting byproducts have been linked to adverse health effects.
The Global Waste Research Institute (GWRI) represents the first collaborative effort between a public university and industry to promote the development of sustainable waste and byproduct management technologies and advance current global practices in resource management.
However, its use in the diet depends on the use of byproduct technologies to maximize livestock productivity and add value to the biodiesel production process (Oliveira et al.
Microscopic results of fermented seaweeds byproduct indicate that fermentation may affect each byproduct to morphological changes to increase carbohydrate digestibility in broilers (Figure 3).
Initially about five or six plant jobs for chemists and technicians would be created, but the plant should generate many spinoff opportunities since a key byproduct of the transesterification process is glycerin.
Under the proposed 15-year agreement with Dow, the Hunton Energy facility is slated to produce SNG and will use steam turbines to produce additional power from its byproduct steam.
In vitro incubation diets were formulated by replacing cane sugar with byproducts in the following proportions: 100/0, 70/30, 50/50, and 30/70 (cane sugar / byproduct).