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Alternatively, designers can choose a bypass capacitor between planes near the signal via.
The SP6260 produces a minimal output noise of 30uVm (10kHz-100kHz), and without the need of the reference bypass capacitor, minimizes the board space required for the LDO.
The Si431x receivers' state-of-the-art integration requires only two external antenna-matching components, a crystal and a bypass capacitor while eliminating the need for costly RF SAW and IF ceramic filters.
With the LP5900, National has achieved the industry's lowest noise output without the use of an additional bypass capacitor," said Martin Moss, product line marketing manager for National Semiconductor's Portable Power Systems Group.
The converter requires no external baluns and only requires one external bypass capacitor allowing the integrated mixer to easily be used by RF designers.
The LP3990 works without a reference bypass capacitor, saving space on printed circuit boards and reducing the overall bill of materials (BOM).
No external bypass capacitor is needed and, combined with the exceptional low noise performance of only 30uVrms between 400Hz and 80kHz, the AS1369 is ideally suited for noise sensitive wireless and RF applications
3V, 5V and adjustable -- Bypass Capacitor Input -- Current Limit -- Thermal Shutdown -- SOT-23, SOIC & DFN Package Pricing and Availability
Both devices permit the use of a ceramic bypass capacitor that reduces output noise to 30uVRMS and increases the PSRR to 75dB.
Additionally, an external bypass capacitor reduces overall output noise making the devices ideal for low noise applications.
High-frequency designs benefit from the shortest possible routing to bypass capacitors, which may indicate via-in-pad.
While using via-in-pad for other HDI routing benefits, also use it for low inductance mounting of bypass capacitors.