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Synonyms for byword

a usually pithy and familiar statement expressing an observation or principle generally accepted as wise or true

Synonyms for byword

a condensed but memorable saying embodying some important fact of experience that is taken as true by many people

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It is the by-word for well-being; for a warm, fuzzy, happy feeling.
Consistency has been a by-word for the 33-year-old left-hander this summer.
The Victoria County History, that 'great historical enterprise', has become a by-word for the production of systematic, comprehensive and well-documented histories of villages and towns across England in 'big red books'.
WarmCO2 is set to become a by-word for sustainable, cost effective and energy efficient solutions for Dutch greenhouse horticulture.
In the 1990s, 'Clintonesque' became a by-word for political double-speak.
Caution is a by-word for us and hopefully the extra time will help him recover and be back playing cricket sooner rather than later.
The store was a by-word for the luxury lifestyle of loaded metropolitan women.
The international community has also recognised Nigeria's progress in transforming itself from a by-word for poor governance and corruption to a country that can boast an acceptable degree of financial rectitude.
Every worker and even guests to the facility are reminded that QES is the company by-word and that ASR strives continually to improve its QES performance.
The reliable ignition afforded by the In-Line system is field-proven and has become the by-word for modern muzzleloading hunting.
No cost-cutting around here--quality is the by-word.
Wait and see" appears to be the by-word at the FIEC.
FOR a show that has been going for 38 years and is a by-word for music on TV, it's amazing that it hasn't staged an awards ceremony before.
SUBTLETY is the by-word with pastel shades a must in everything from shoes to jumpers.
But Ken Ferguson, secretary of Brechin City, says that integrity is a by-word for Will, who is a former president of the Scottish FA.