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unwanted marine creatures that are caught in the nets while fishing for another species

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This project took advantage of the naturally occurring foraging behavior of bottlenose dolphins described by Svane (2005) associated with by-catch disposal from commercial shrimp trawl practices in the Mississippi Sound.
Don't be surprised if your by-catch includes a blackfin tuna, a cuda or even a bull red fish or two.
The SCE said fishermen often dump such by-catch, leaving it for dead in a bid to avoid prosecution by the authorities.
But that downward trend could be reversed by overhauling fisheries management, protecting fish spawning and breeding habitat and reducing by-catch (the incidental catch of species not targeted by fishermen).
Accreditation of the Incromega" range provides assurance that the fisheries in the Incromega[TM] supply chain are operating responsibly--including no over-fishing, no by-catch of endangered species and no illegal, unreported or unregulated (IUU) fish.
Campaigners say the nets - a method of fishing known as purse-seining - scoop up other species as well as tuna, which are then killed as by-catch.
Members from the society also had the opportunity to meet with the top officials and local fishermen to discuss ways on reducing the by-catch of loggerhead turtles, along with other sea creatures.
Unfortunately, some are also retrieved by fisheries as by-catch .
Aker's proprietary krill fishing methods, called Eco-Harvesting, were designed to result in almost no by-catch.
Haider said in his speech during the workshop organized by PAFR and with cooperation of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), on reducing the negative impact of by-catch fishing .
It also sets down recommendations for policymakers ranging from defining objectives, targets, harvest control rules and assessment indicators to taking into account by-catch and discards.
The impacts of by-catch from marine fisheries have been well documented and have become a conservation concern for a variety of species such as sea turtles (Hall et al.
By-catch: By-catch is the unintended discarded dead or dying fish and other marine life.
Reinvesting in local agriculture and local cuisines is no doubt an important response to, for example, the carbon footprint of a modern supermarket or the by-catch of a Gulf Coast shrimp operation, or the super-weeds and contaminated groundwater of a Bt cornfield.
2 Try by-catch fish including dab and flounder 3 Megrim is good substitute for plaice and Dover sole 4 Gurnard is good for anyone who doesn't like bones.