by hand

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without the use of a machine


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Powered by Hand Held Products' Adaptus(TM) Imaging Technology, the Dolphin 7900 can read 1D and 2D symbologies - including PDF417 and postal codes; capture digital images and signatures.
Power By Hand, the leading source for handheld content, information and education, today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Pocketgear.
We have search and rescue teams and fire departments from Alaska to New York who swear by Hand Sense to protect them from poison oak, poison ivy and other nasty plants out there," says marketing director Rebecca Rinot who recommends: "Keep a tube in the house to protect your skin from the ammonia and alcohol based cleansers you are using.
And an embroidery of "you"'s scribbled on the forms' edges punctuates the limits of what should be most intimate to the "I," the contents of the mind, now emptied out and assertively filled by hands set against the darkness of the black ground.
Facilitated by Hands On, the 2003 Days in Action campaign engaged more than 1,400 Gap Inc.