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Synonyms for buzzard

a New World vulture that is common in South America and Central America and the southern United States

the common European short-winged hawk


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Buzzards killed pheasants that were being raised for shooting <B
He said: "The buzzard was brought in and I examined it and it didn't have any broken wings of limbs and it wasn't starved or anything.
In response to the issuing of the licence, the RSPB said buzzard numbers were recovering from historical declines caused by persecution, and the birds only accounted for 1-2% of pheasant losses from shoots.
Additionally, approximately 240 MWs of combustion turbines were recently retired at the Buzzard Point substation and this project helps to account for this loss of capacity.
There are buzzards nesting in Birmingham and the Black Country and you can spot them flying over the motorway and even over Harborne.
We are amazed and shocked by this proposal to destroy nests and take buzzards into captivity simply to protect game birds that are artificially released in their millions to be shot for recreation.
Mr Lusby added that buzzards mainly eat rabbits and rats, which help farmers control their numbers.
Leighton Buzzard did get a try to lead 5-0 at the interval and then, early in the second half, they added a second try, which they converted to lead 12-0.
Hartlepool MP Iain Wright and Margaret Fay, who chairs regional development agency One NorthEast, watch the first steel plate for the Buzzard project being cut, above, at the Heerema site in Hartlepool, left.
WILD THING: One of the buzzard nestlings Picture: ANDREW TEEBAY; CHOPPED: Knowsley Rangers James McDonnell, David Smith and Kevin Bushell assess the damage; SANCTUARY: The buzzard nest in the tree
NEWCOMERS: (top to bottom) Buzzard, Emperor dragonfly, Bee Orchid flower, Australian swamp stonecrop, Himalayan balsam and Japanese knotweed
Tricia Buzzard, a senior at South Eugene High School, has been named Eugene's Future First Citizen for 2005 by the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce.
Intrepid also has a high calibre portfolio of producing and exploration assets and infrastructure, grouped for the sale into three packages, in addition to the Buzzard stake package.
Now with Ben Cecil, Hoh Buzzard held the late-charging Aud by a neck.
A PENSIONER who went to rescue his daughter's goldfish from a huge buzzard ended up as the prey himself.