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stock phrases that have become nonsense through endless repetition

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Building on the work of strategy guru Gary Hamel, this guide shows organizations how to move innovation from a buzz word to a core competency.
Commenting on his appointment as Star's Director of Innovation, Dave Pearson says: "Innovation is a popular buzz word, but it is often taken to mean 'new ideas', or even 'risky development'.
Differentiated instruction has been a buzz word and research-based best practice in educational circles for a little under a decade, but is a concept most effective teachers have unintentionally done in their classrooms for centuries.
The author of this book points out that critical thinking is often used as a buzz word.
My buzz word for the next year is ruthless," said Draper.
Nanomaterials like fullerenes are said to have become the biggest buzz word in materials science today, promising to provide coating systems with functional properties, which may open up completely new markets for organic coatings.
Web Services" is fast becoming the technology buzz word.
Last year creativity was almost every organisation's favourite buzz word, " said the report's author Alex McKie.
Such, globalization is the buzz word that off the tongues of world's financial gurus, but no one has explained what it is much beyond evoking Karl Marx's prediction of an "interdependence of nations.
The broadcast media buzz word during the last week of June was "monopoly.
Analytical applications are currently a buzz word in the business intelligence community - Gaiss defines them as combining decision support technology - standard and multi-dimensional queries and reporting facilities with the domain expertise to solve individual problems.
Spirituality" has become a buzz word in recent years.
End user" became the buzz word of the late 1980s, but then it took a back seat to emerging technologies and the focus was on the information professional.