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a power saw that has a steel disk with cutting teeth on the periphery

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As I sat there, agonizing, the sound of the buzz saw got louder--and, suddenly, my conundrum was solved.
But Boehner responded, "That buzz saw was not lobbyists and special interests.
A source in Nairobi told Church of England Newspaper the bishops "stepped into a buzz saw.
However, if you did this, you could very well run into a buzz saw created by the Defense Contract Audit Agency, the group charged with auditing contracts engaged in by the Department of Defense.
While the first album was a gut wrenching whirlwind of angst and rage set to buzz saw guitars and snarls, this one sounds like a half-arsed strumalong around the campfire.
Whether it's jettisoning the global warming treaty or loosening regulations on the emissions of lead and dioxins or letting the timber companies buzz saw through our national forests, Bush has put the interests of his corporate cronies above those of the public.
Black and Decker's buzz saw at Homebase was pounds 49.
Even a draft such as this, tailored to modern needs, would run into a buzz saw of criticism--from nervous parents, the higher-education lobby, and libertarians of both the left and right who would see it as a form of "slavery.
The right-wing Mississippi preacher announced the crusade last year, but so far it hasn't exactly ripped through the country like a buzz saw.
The piece is danced to Arnold Schoenburg's atonal score with its Sprechstimme--that unmistakable mix of song and guttural voice-talk that had soprano Linda Hirst grittily hissing and howling out the text as her voice ran chromatically up and down a scale like a buzz saw.
He added: "If I'm going to take a buzz saw to anything, I'm taking a buzz saw to editorial to lower [the age of] the demographic.
We were very close until we ran into this buzz saw," said Sen.
Those that move with "quick easy grace" to sidestep the buzz saw will ultimately run out of steam, only to be sliced to pieces by the more resourceful companies that funneled their energies toward implementing bold steps to fundamentally change their business.
Not all uncontrollable risk is financial, but the CEO faces an immediate buzz saw when markets move rapidly and exposure to variables of risk mushrooms unexpectedly.
This technique uses a continuous mining machine, "which is basically a big buzz saw that operates on a 600-ft coal face underground," says Robert Darmody, the soil scientist who led the study and also directs the U.