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stock phrases that have become nonsense through endless repetition

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Voice recognition technology will help troops and civilians in high-risk situations by translating buzz phrases such as "don't shoot", "stay back" and "help will be here soon".
JOINED-UP thinking - it's one of those buzz phrases that raises a wry smile among cynics.
It's a magical place where the recently conquered Latino population can't wait for statehood, Catholics get divorced with a simple legal document, the Confederacy is up and running a decade early, everyone's apparently read ``The Da Vinci Code,'' weapons of mass destruction threaten all life in North America, and buzz phrases such as ``You're overreacting'' and ``C'mon, you want a piece of me?
With "virtual courses" and "online learning" the new buzz phrases in Michigan's schools, school administrators are on a fast track to learn the basics of incorporating online elements into their classrooms.
BUZZ phrases have gone pear-shaped, says a report out today.
Some of those predictions included such buzz phrases as "content is king," "peer-to-peer learning: collaboration," "customer learning," and "content management.
The voice recognition-based technology would aid troops and civilians in high-risk and "hot zone" situations by translating buzz phrases such as "don't shoot", "stay back" and "help will be here soon".
And when your dialogue is steeped in techno-jargon about digital conversion and binary buzz phrases, it drives even the best actors to the mind-numbing threshold.
Life Long Learning has become one of the Government's and Birmingham City Council's favourite buzz phrases in recent years and to be truly a city of learning all ages much be catered for.