buyers' market

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a market in which more people want to sell than want to buy

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Robin Wiebe, a senior market analyst for the CMHC, predicts that it will be a buyers' market in Thunder Bay for the balance of 1991.
This is a buyers' market and today's car shoppers have the best selection ever offered.
IT is a buyers' market at the moment as house prices keep falling.
While it is easy to point to data that indicate it is a buyers' market, sellers with the proper marketing and brokerage support can achieve the best possible pricing for their golf courses," Ratliff said.
Gartner analysts said customers will be able to exploit the approaching buyers' market to pressure vendors on price and other incentives.
New Global Buyers' Market, the Internet, Deflation, and Compliance
This buyers' market should continue for the next few quarters, but fundamental choke points still exist in the passive components supply chain.
If it turns into a buyers' market, the companies with large cash positions are going to have huge advantages.
This lack of growth has created a buyers' market for commercial real estate.
In other words, it's become a buyers' market for imagination and invention.