buy the farm

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An incredible pounds 750,000 has already been raised, but one final push is needed to reach the pounds 1m needed to buy the farm outright.
00pm) Aaron finally begins to accept who he is, and a cash-strapped Natasha offers John and Moira the chance to buy the farm.
Ann Prosser founded the charity in 1995 and helped raise the funds to buy the farm which is in the process of being turned into an animal sanctuary.
When John asked Tufts to buy the farm of William and Sarah Vesey, Abigail wrote a letter calling off her uncle, just three days later.
The business is now running successfully and Charlotte and Ben are trying to raise pounds 800,000 so they can buy the farm and operate it as a Community Land Project when the lease runs out in September 2006.
Why is it, the scene asks, that the mothers of all the Magic Kingdom's heroes and princesses are either dead when the story begins or buy the farm partway through.