buy out

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take over ownership of

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During Kelly's tenure our team has closed in excess of $3 billion for top-quality private equity funds focused on life sciences, buy outs, secondary transactions, restructuring and energy; discretely transferred nearly three quarters of a billion dollars ($750,000,000) in secondary positions; and we continue to build our strength in tailored advisory and portfolio management engagements.
Jon Adams, regional director of Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance, said: 'Although the figures illustrate the companies performance during 2003, the positive signs in the pick up of the industry have rolled over into this year and we are already seeing an increase in deal activity, particularly management buy outs and other transactional deals.
The year 2011 is expected to be a year in which big mergers and buy outs will take place, Deloitte Turkey report also said.
Kaplan's business associations included The Boston Consulting Group where he was a vice president and partner; and as an independent consultant specializing in mergers, acquisitions, leveraged buy outs, venture capital analysis and financial management.
com (PBC Network), has signed an agreement with Advantage Leasing Corporation to supply the members with affordable financing through a variety of lease packages including reasonable and affordable buy outs and extended lease options at the termination of the contract.