buy off

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pay someone with influence in order to receive a favor

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Do you encourage purchasers to buy off plan and what are the added benefits of doing this?
The result is that if you buy off plan, you stand to gain some significant capital appreciation when the property is ready.
Keeley Metcalfe, Hartlepool Council's school environmental action officer, said: "An energy bike isn't something that you can just buy off the shelf.
Lobbyists might buy off politicians in Washington, but not here in California.
The family of a British holidaymaker, who died in a Greek hospital, has been told that the three doctors convicted of his manslaughter will be allowed to buy off any prison sentence and will carry on working.
Its ubiquitous presence in commercial establishments and in most foods we buy off the shelf is remarkable.
Some will be paid to take land out of production and others to keep land in production -- in an effort to buy off both environmentalists and farm preservationists.
You're not going to buy off these groups," warns Dr.
The Americans found in Iraq that it's cheaper, in lives and cash, to buy off the insurgents.
17 (ANI): British forces stationed in Afghanistan have been issued new guidelines, asking them to buy off potential Taliban recruits with "bags of gold.
BUY off plan and bag a bargain - that's the message from house builders Bryant Homes.
Marketing director Alexis Walker said: "Our entry level way to buy off plan involves a combination of a very respectable 15 per cent discount at the same time as saving for the deposit while the property is being constructed.