butyric acid

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an unpleasant smelling fatty acid found especially in butter

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5 [micro]mol/L), Propionyl carnitine, Butyryl carnitine, Isovaleryl carnitine, Glutaryl carnitine were normal.
in Vitro Inhibit human erythrocyte AChE (by [beta]-caryophyllene, 3-carene, 1,8-cineole, [alpha]-pinene and [beta]-pinene) and butyryl cholinesterase dose-dependent inhibition.
One of the main differences between the type 1 and type 2 statins is the replacement of the butyryl group of type 1 statins by the fluorophenyl group of type 2 statins.
There was an increase in the isovaleryl and 3-OH butyryl carnitine levels, whereas there was a decrease in the levels of acetyl, propionyl, and palmitoylcarnitine.
CI [+ or -] 95%: 95% confidence interval, HDL-C: cholesterol linked to high density lipoprotein, LDC-C: cholesterol linked to low density lipoprotein, IU/L: International Units by liter, ALP: alkaline phosphotase, ALT: alanine aminotransferase, AST: aspartate aminotransferase, GGT: gammaglutamyl transferase, LDH: lactate dehydrogenase, CHE: butyryl cholinesterase, CPK: creatine phosphokinase.
Rivastigmine (Exelon[R]), first marketed in 2000, blocks both acetyl cholinesterase and butyryl cholinesterase from destroying acetylcholine.
The plaintiffs were former Ford plant workers who sought damages for respiratory diseases allegedly caused by long-term exposure to fumes emitted when sheets of polyvinyl butyryl (PVB) were heated to form windshields.
The film is bonded with polyvinyl butyryl (PVB) interlayers and laminated between panels of heat-strengthened flat glass.