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introduce the butyl group into a chemical compound

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Speciation of mercury in human whole blood by capillary gas chromatography with a microwave-induced plasma emission detector system following complexometric extraction and butylation.
Unfortunately, this method cannot be used as a substitute for the butylation method used in MS/MS newborn-screening programs, primarily because acylcarnitines are not fully derivatized at room temperature.
Dried-blood spots are generally extracted with methanol before butylation (9), but this step was not necessary to obtain adequate extraction for urine samples.
Butylation, which is also the method of choice for derivatization of acylcarnitines (15), amino acids (16), and acylglycines (17) before MS/MS analysis, offered the best combination of chromatographic behavior and fragmentation pattern, allowing complete separation of the two isomers at succinate concentrations up to 2000 [micro]mol/L.