butyl rubber

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synthetic rubber made by polymerizing isobutylene

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The (global) demand for synthetic rubber products are going much faster than GDP, for example the butyl rubber will grow in 6 pct range for a number of years, EPDM rubber will grow in a similar fashion," he added.
Flexible liners are usually made from PVC, butyl rubber, LDPE or polythene, while rigid ones are fibreglass or hard plastic.
In addition to supporting the local industry, the expansion at the Kemya joint venture in Al Jubail will provide additional new capacity of butyl rubber and EPDM speciality elastomers to meet the growing global demand for these products," says ExxonMobil's senior vice president for polymers, Neil Chapman.
Fabric tapes are used for protection, repair, marking, and sealing in theater and music productions; butyl rubber tapes are applied in the building industry for sealing joints between concrete slabs, brickwork, window frames, and roofing sheets, and for joints in air ducts, where their sealing properties promote optimal and economical air circulation.
InMat calculates that 20-30 microns of its butyl nanocomposite coatings can provide the same air barrier as 1 mm of butyl rubber.
Tire-curing bladder is commonly made of resin-cured butyl rubber because of its excellent thermal stability and air impermeability.
Four two-piece isolators--with a micro-cellular upper and butyl rubber lower--are fitted between the frame and body for greater road isolation.
The MBU-13/P oxygen hose is constructed of butyl rubber, has chemical resistant properties and can withstand temperatures of 275[degrees]F.
a butyl rubber manufacturing company, is a joint venture of ExxonMobil Yugen Kaisha and JSR Corporation.
com announces the addition of new report "2015 Deep Research Report on Global Butyl Rubber Industry" to its research database.
Key statement: A tire having an internal surface includes an electronic device and an anchoring body mounted on the internal surface for engagement between the electronic device and the internal surface of the tire, wherein the anchoring body includes a cross-linked elastomeric material obtained by crosslinking a crosslinkable elastomeric composition including a synthetic diene rubber, preferably in an amount of from 20 to 80 phr, and a halogenated butyl rubber, preferably in an amount of from 80 to 20 phr.
ACCN spoke to Ralf Ingo Schenkel, vice-president, LANXESS Butyl Rubber Global Research and Development, about what the centre means for the butyl rubber business worldwide.
The "tens of million of Euros" investment has tripled Evonik's capacity for isobutene - used, for example, for butyl rubber for applications such as inner liners with low air permeability in automotive tyres.
The AFS is a lightweight chemical and biological agent protective overboot made of compounded butyl rubber.
Also new from Lanxess is a unique high-isoprene butyl rubber that contains up to four times as much isoprene as regular butyl rubber.