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Synonyms for buttress

Synonyms for buttress

a means or device that keeps something erect, stable, or secure

to present evidence in support of

Synonyms for buttress

a support usually of stone or brick

reinforce with a buttress

Related Words

make stronger or defensible

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Quantitatively distinguishing buttress form by calculating values for them and relating these values to site properties could provide empirical evidence for or against the air/water relationship hypothesis presented by Kurz and Demaree (1934) as well as the mechanical support hypotheses.
A complete restoration would cost in excess of pounds 2m, which Buttress cannot afford.
Mr Buttress, chairman of the UK Judges said: "Everyone has a part to play in maintaining bright and tidy surroundings, not just over the summer months but all year round.
Lecturers Jon Murdock, Val Buttress and Linda Coyle joined their students for the visit.
Architecturally, buttress designs can be very attractive, but they need to be built exactly according to the plan in order for everything to work as it should.
The new findings buttress the out-of-Africa theory, agrees Christopher Stringer of the Natural History Museum in London, England.
The results would appear to buttress previous research indicating that people prefer "natural" environments to those that emphasize complex designs or artificial sensory stimulation, but Ogunseitan stresses that this study represents only an initial foray into understanding the complex relationship between quality of life and restorative environments.
Technora is often used to buttress cement and in mechanical rubber goods.
Just as the women's movement led inevitably to the moment when the equal protection doctrine could no longer be used to buttress discrimination, so with us.
One of these is a lack of serious critical scrutiny of Wittgenstein's philosophy, which is repeatedly used to buttress Stewart's arguments as if it were itself quite unproblematic.
oddly shaped district had an "uncomfortable resemblance to political apartheid" and might violate white voters' rights--to buttress its decision that Fields' CD was unconstitutional.
Some trunks are cracked open from crown to buttress.
Adler makes every effort, unwittingly I trust, to buttress that view.
S-1 filings are particularly helpful to a business valuator called to serve as an expert witness who has further need of support and industry intelligence to buttress testimony.