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Synonyms for buttress

Synonyms for buttress

a means or device that keeps something erect, stable, or secure

to present evidence in support of

Synonyms for buttress

a support usually of stone or brick

reinforce with a buttress

Related Words

make stronger or defensible

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THE founder and former chief executive of global online takeaway firm Just Eat, David Buttress, has been appointed the new chairman of Welsh rugby region the Dragons.
Just Eat has experienced management upheaval of late, with new chief executive Peter Plumb due to join in September after Mr Buttress was forced to step down.
Other buildings belonging to the seven councils in Northumberland could be sold off, raising extra cash for the new authority, Mr Buttress said.
Buttress later changed the name to Little Pentre Farm after an acrimonious divorce, the jurors heard.
Due to the complexity of the MTB design structure, and in an initiative to support the delivery of this mega project on time, Abu Dhabi Airports carried out a trial phase for the assembly of the buttress steel structure.
Mr Buttress began his career with Coca-Cola at the age of 21 after graduating in law and business at Middlesex University.
On October 14, fearing a leak in the bowel, Dr Clark attempted a "life-saving operation" but Miss Buttress passed away on the operating table.
These new data, though not definitive, buttress the belief that buckyballs do exist naturally in interstellar space.
The report - "Best Practices in Security: Network and Infrastructure" - found that companies judged as "best in class" in security practices are taking significant steps to buttress their networks and infrastructures.
Both welcomed the report in hopes that it would buttress their case, because they said their attempts to appeal to industry executives have been fruitless.
That's why a majority of the companies surveyed view smarter document management as a way to buttress their bottom line.
Within two months, California Department of Transportation crews will wrap up work on a buttress and drainage system on the eastern half of the slide area on PCH, just south of Las Flores Boulevard and Sierks Way.
Kimbel, however, says his observation does not necessarily buttress her conclusion.
To buttress his case, Clinton issued a Justice Department report that showed curfews are already in effect in nearly three-quarters of the nation's largest cities, with generally good results.
Vreeman as Chief Financial Officer will further buttress our financial management in preparation for significant new regulations and responsibilities related to our rapid growth, transition from small company SEC reporting status to full reporting status, and compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley regulations.