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The cop had unknowingly parked close to the duo's car, and before he could leave the lot, they buttonholed him to report that some sneaky thief had stolen their stuff while they were inside stealing other stuff.
Minister for Sport) Gerry Sutcliffe buttonholed me and said it would be a good thing for the city.
He started the holiday with a trip to a country park where he was buttonholed by a woman who moaned to him about local bus services - only to be told by Mr Brown to contact her local MP.
Needing some prominent person to sign the form, he happened to be meeting up with Birmingham Hall Green Labour MP Steve McCabe at some event and so buttonholed him.
Mr Ahern was buttonholed by three-year-old Jude Kelliher but the Fianna Fail leader kept his lip buttoned and refused to be drawn about the date of the General Election.
Principals buttonholed Dodge to say, "Listen, you don't understand.