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In fact, the only countries where feet walk all over breasts and buttocks are Iran, Syria and Jordan.
Exercises to strengthen your buttocks and core muscles will help correct uneven hips.
When her back was pinned to the glass partition, her buttock bulged out of the opening, touching my hand.
With only about 10 surgeons performing the 'Brazilian buttock technique' in Dubai, the cost of the procedure is between Dhs30,000 and Dhs40,000.
But our tester joked: "I can't believe it's not buttocks.
Gavin and her colleagues at East Carolina University examined how estrogen locally affects fat accumulation in these key areas by slowly infusing the hormone into the buttocks and belly in overweight women while also giving them drugs or having them exercise to speed up fat breakdown.
A clear plastic bag containing the individual drug wraps, worth almost PS1,000, was also removed from between his buttocks.
The scientists found that the buttocks were much more resistant to tanning, staying whiter than backs despite the same level of exposure.
However, his fitness will be reviewed before he jets off to the sub-continent, after tweaking a muscle in one of his buttocks - the same injury which kept Stuart Broad out of Friday's Champions Trophy semi-final.
Summary: A man accidentally shot himself in the buttocks as he prepared for work.
POLICE recovered a haul of drugs from a suspect's buttocks, a court heard.
She included cases involving the vulva, Bartholin glands, and buttocks, and excluded cases involving the perianal and rectal areas.
Therefore, the objectives of this study were to explore changes in IP and immersion caused by addition of an IP mat using two buttocks models.
The 28-year-old Bahraini was jailed for a year by the High Criminal Court in April this year, after being convicted of groping a Filipina's breasts and buttocks.
A German belly dancer has been awarded pounds 12,000 compensation after a plastic surgeon accidentally sucked away one of her buttocks.