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Synonyms for buttinsky

a person given to intruding in other people's affairs

Words related to buttinsky

a meddler who tends to butt in

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The Boomerang Endorse came after Buttinsky found the time in his busy day to attack Professor Jackie, who's running against Maggie in the Dem guv primary.
Presently, it won't win any Better Homes & Gardens awards, but it wouldn't catch the attention of most lawn-loving, buttinsky suburban ordinances, either.
John the Ripper, Ghost and Buttinsky will all be supported in the second round of the program, which starts immediately.
How come champion inter state political buttinsky Grover Norquist and his crowd are allowed to stick their noses into political races around the country but the national par ties are deemed as meddlers?
Some namby-pamby, buttinsky do-gooder with nothing better to do will whip the public into a press-fueled hysteria with poisonous rhetoric about the health risks associated with smoking.