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a hard brittle candy made with butter and brown sugar

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2 Melt the butter, golden syrup, double cream and sea salt together in a pan on a medium heat for 15 minutes until the butterscotch starts to thicken.
A wheat grain whisky that's fruity and spicy with sweet butterscotch on the nose, caramel and creamy toffee notes and a smooth, light, mellow texture.
Traces of the coliform bacteria are said to have been found in two isolated batches of the almond cake with chocolate and butterscotch, produced for the Ikea restaurant by a supplier in Sweden.
IKEA UAE has confirmed with Gulf News that it has withdrawn sales of almond cake with chocolate and butterscotch produced for the restaurant after traces of coliform bacteria were found in two isolated production batches of the product by Chinese authorities.
With Towelfight 2 we wanted to make a face-meltingly deep experience that just happened to be on mobile, rather than make a 'mobile game'," said Butterscotch co-founders (and brothers) Seth and Sam Coster.
Russell's Reserve 6 Year Old from the Wild Turkey Distillery has scents of honey, molasses, sweet apple cider with cinnamon and butterscotch.
Greeting an acquaintance who was smiling at the child, Daddy said with pleasure and pride, "He loves his butterscotch Krimpets.
Over seventy recipes range from Butterscotch Brownies and Sweet and Salty Pecans to an unusual Carrot Cake with Maple-Cream Cheese Frosting.
Dante Robino, right, comes from cool climate vineyards 3,600ft above sea level and has crisp green fruit, minerality, lovely mouthfeel and the deftest butterscotch finish.
It''s a sticky toffee pudding with butterscotch sauce that''s perfect for those with a sweet tooth and will give you plenty of 'fuel'' to get back out there in the snow.
What's impressive about the butterscotch Rockport Skrypek--a faithful reworking of the shoe's 1971 edition--is that they work in the cold weather for a little extra ankle coverage, but aren't too bulky far a warm weather shorts-and-no-socks look.
For dessert both Ray and I opted for the pecan pie and the home-made butterscotch ice cream - which was to die for.
All stores will carry butterscotch and chocolate flavors while vanilla and banana pudding flavors will be optional.
Lots of butterscotch, mixed with the bitterness of hops," said Phil Simpson.
To serve, place the baked apple in the centre of a warm plate and pour over the butterscotch cinnamon sauce.