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shaped like a butterfly

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The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland in the neck that secretes hormones into the blood stream and is mainly responsible for the body's ability to convert food into energy (metabolism rate) and monitors body temperature, said a statement.
The standout optical style 'Tiffany Keys' is a butterfly-shaped acetate frame, crafted in neutrals such as black and 'Havana', as well as 'Tiffany Blue,' and chic colour combinations including opal plum and opal blue.
So when David Bowker, an English language teacher with Caledonian College of Engineering, was given a rather large butterfly-shaped piece of thermocol by a supporter of his work, it didn't take him much time to decide what he could do with it.
But generally, the symptoms can be categorised as: Joint pain | Unexplained fever | Swollen joints | Prolonged or extreme fatigue | Skin rash, particularly a | butterfly-shaped rash across the cheeks and nose Swollen ankles | swollen lymph | glands Hair loss | Depression and anxiety | Anaemia | Mouth and nose ulcers | Pale or painful fingers or toes | from cold or stress Memory loss | Headaches | Shortness of breath | WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU'RE NOT DIAGNOSED QUICKLY?
A butterfly-shaped flower park will also be located in the centre of the nine domes.
Majd's biggest project is a nine-floor butterfly-shaped building he believes will "free [Marrakesh] of the spirit of the distant past and bring a bit of frivolity into the city.
Rather than hiding the cracks in the discarded lumber he used to make some of his furniture, he opted to decorate them with butterfly-shaped structural supports; he also chose to keep the gnarled surfaces underneath tree bark intact rather than sanding them down.
Amelia-Mae's white coffin, with a butterfly-shaped floral tribute and pink ribbons on top, was brought into the packed church to the sound of REM's Shiny Happy People.
Using the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope, Henri Boffin (ESO, Chile) and his colleagues observed the central star in Fleming 1, a butterfly-shaped planetary in Centaurus renowned for its spectacular pair of S-shaped jets.
With Naime Sultan, Martinez used hundreds of heart-shaped and/or butterfly-shaped white-glazed clay pieces, intertwined with delicate wire to create a life-sized wedding dress suspended from a plush hanger.
The four-tower, butterfly-shaped building was chosen by the clinical team as the best structure to enhance patient care and safety.
So, if a red, butterfly-shaped rash on the central face involves the nasolabial area, it's not SLE, she explained at the symposium.
When Glenda Robinson of Clinton invited girlfriends from her Welcome Neighbor Club for a spring butterfly luncheon, the fun began on the front porch with a pink lemonade spritzer, butterfly-shaped cheese crackers, and Brie and pepper jelly tartlets.
The collection, which features earrings, rings and bracelets and more, includes a variety of butterfly-shaped designs based on the star's handwriting.