butterfly pea

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vine of tropical Asia having pinnate leaves and bright blue flowers with yellow centers

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large-flowered wild twining vine of southeastern and central United States having pale blue flowers

large-flowered weakly twining or prostrate vine of New Jersey to tropical eastern North America, sometimes cultivated for its purple and white flowers

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For instance, Herradura recently created a holiday cocktail with its anejo tequila, lime juice, marionberry syrup and butterfly pea flower tea.
Reyka developed a New Year's Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Martini cocktail with its Icelandic vodka, fresh lemon juice and butterfly pea tea syrup, topped with dry Champagne.
has the Electric Butterfly cocktail, made with lime juice, butterfly pea tea, orgeat, Chareau aloe liqueur, white rum and Copper & Kings Immature brandy.
According to Chatime's Michael Koa, what makes the drink blue is the blue butterfly pea flower tea, a type of tea consumed in Malaysia and Thailand, where it is enjoyed with honey and lemon.
Organic dried butterfly pea flowers are from AggiePlants
In this area the best fodder yields came from buffel grass followed by butterfly pea, he said
The grazing trial at Kilcoy in the south-east showed the best forage production was obtained with a mix of Rhodes grass, butterfly pea and green panic.
Derived from the flowers of the butterfly pea plant, the extract can be infused into syrups and spirits.
The butterfly pea extract is such a unique ingredient that allows you to naturally color your cocktails in different shades of blue and pink," says Empress 1908 Gin president Peter Hunt.
The drink was a reverse Divine Wind based on Mediterranean Gin Mare with butterfly pea extract.
The butterfly pea tea has an intense blue color and gives it to the cocktail.
That's why Justin Lavenue, owner at The Roosevelt Room in Austin, TX, recommends using butterfly pea powder for high-acid drinks.
Lavenue finds that butterfly pea powder doesn't really affect a cocktail's flavor when used.
Although it's been popping up in cocktails for over a year, butterfly pea powder is still flying under the radar.
The restaurant's signature Lago cocktail uses Absolut Elyx vodka, Mancino Vermouth Secco, orange blossom syrup and butterfly pea flower extract.